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Getting rid of biological hazardous materials is a risky business as it involves handling dangerous materials that can harm humans, animals and the environment. We fully understand the risks involved and our experts can safely dispose of such materials.  We offer a variety of cleaning solutions for your commercial or residential property. 

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Environmental Cleaning

The processes associated with cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and substances that can pose a risk of harm to patients. Environmental services: an operational unit within a hospital or health care facility that is responsible for cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, and related duties

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Dirty windows can have a surprisingly huge impact on your business. They can make the difference between a bright and fresh looking room and a dreary and gloomy looking one. This affects people’s mood and perceptions of your business. Just because the windows are high up does not mean that this needs to be a complicated and lengthy process. We can quickly and efficiently provide high quality window cleaning to the tallest of buildings.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Pigeon Spiking

Pigeon Spikes are a humane method of preventing birds from landing on ledges. You can rely on these pigeon control spikes to protect your property and keep birds off your ledges. They are made from high quality UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic and 304 grade stainless steel.

Image by Brett Jordan

After Builders

After construction, dust and debris can often be left on the building’s surface. This can take away from the organisation, hard work and expense that has been put into a construction project. We can complete an after building clean to add that wow factor.

Image by Rūta Celma

Gutter Cleaning

We have the most advanced gutter and UPVC cleaning machinery on the market. We are able to completely remove all dirt from your guttering system and exterior UPVC.

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Exterior Cleaning

Over time, buildings, particularly those in busy urban areas, city centres and by busy main roads, can become affected by engine fumes, exposure to the elements and bird droppings. Moss, algae, chewing gum and general dirt and grime can build up if surfaces are not regularly cleaned. If your business has regular footfall, then algae and moss can also impact the traction on a surface, such as pavements or paving, increasing the risk of slips and trips.

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Our powerful steam fogging machines are able to sanitise and disinfect vast areas quickly without missing any surfaces. We use the very latest high-tech antimicrobial surface treatment. It is proven to be effective against Covid-19 for up to 60 days as well as effective against a broad spectrum of other viruses. 

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Hard floor

Floor scrubbers work by agitating up dirt and breaking it up, then surrounding it and sucking it up. Floor scrubbers can be used to clean a large combination of materials, liquids, and textures on many and various floor types.

Image by Ran Berkovich

Carpet Cleaning

Our team of trained and professional carpet cleaners are here to help restore your carpet to its former
glory and prolong its life.
At Blue Lemon we cover all forms of carpet restoration from having just had an accident through to a full
carpet clean throughout the house. We are here to help and advice. 

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Graffiti Removal

Dependant on the building material we decide which cleaning methods and products are best for the job
– It is important to get this right, so no further damage is done to the surface.
Our technicians carry a range of specialist chemicals and equipment so that your building can be
returned to its original state, quickly and cost effectively.


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